Boardwalk Miami Beach

About Boardwalk Miami Beach

The boardwalk is probably one of the most traveled on parts of the beach in Miami. This wooden walkway was built in the 1980’s as a quicker way to travel along the hot sandy beach without burning holes in your feet.

The boardwalk underwent a complete renovation in the early millennium, but none of the basic design was changed. Most of the residents felt that with all of the changes going on around Miami that it was important to hold on to this small part of the beach’s past.

All of the other beaches running up the Atlantic coast offer pavilions on their boardwalks or rides and games. Some boardwalks in the Northern states even offer full size amusement park rides. Not in Miami, though.

This 4 mile stretch of stained wood is going to stay just the way it is. Not only does the historic value of the boardwalk make it a valuable asset, but the location of it is absolutely ideal for walking tours of the city.

Let’s face it; Miami is one of the largest tourist spots anywhere in Southern Florida. Their boardwalk goes right behind the towering skyscrapers of Brickell offering a view of all of the beautiful swimming pools and amenities available on the condo grounds.

What better way to advertise your goods then to be able to have a guided tour down through the booming residential areas of the beach. This stretch of walkway not only allows for quick travel along the beach, it allows every condo along the way to advertise what they have to offer for free.

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Preserving this boardwalk was one of the smartest things that the Miami-Dade City Council could have ever done. This area of the beach is the equivalent to one of the busy expressways located just minutes away. Millions of people a year walk on this boardwalk to view the ocean or in some cases, to view the people.

This wooden strip isn’t just used for leisurely strolling either. There are many different fun runs that take place here throughout the year, as well as, the daily jogs of all the residents and visitors. For everybody’s convenience, the city has marked the wooden poles along the way with different mile markers.

Every quarter of a mile of the boardwalk is branded with a mark to allow for the calculation of your jog or to let your friends know what part of the beach you are closest too.

With all of the improvements going on around Miami, it’s nice to see that they are preserving this small area and turning it into a Miami Beach landmark. It just goes to show that not everything needs to be bigger in order to be better.

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