Coconut Grove Miami

About Coconut Grove Miami

Coconut Grove (or the Grove) is a typical Miami neighborhood located in Miami-Dade County, except for the fact that it is one of the most diversified melting pots of culture on the East Coast.

The Grove’s first record of immigrant settlers dates back to the 1800’s. From the mid 1800’s until the turn of the century, Coconut Grove (spelled Coconut Grove back then) was built by the labor and sweat of mostly immigrant workers.

Notably the first black settlement was established by craftsmen from the Bahamas around 1880. The Bahamian people have proven themselves to be a large factor in the success and development of this area of Miami.

Annually in mid-June a large festival takes place along Grand Avenue to celebrate the Bahamian culture in an abstract form of a thank-you.

The Goombay Festival, as it has been named, turns the entire area into a Caribbean paradise.

The festival includes different native Bahamian dancing, foods, music, and spotlights the heritage that the Bahamian people introduced to the Grove. Another point of interest in Coconut Grove is the Peacock Inn. This inn was built in 1882 and was the first hotel to ever be built on the South Florida Mainland.

The Peacock Inn (formerly known as the Bay View Inn) was also built by the hard work of two English immigrants, Isabella and Charles Peacock. The couple sold their meat business in London and immigrated to Southern Florida looking for new opportunities.

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Although we can tie many great things to the people of neighboring countries, The Grove also produces some home-grown American pride as well.

Some of the greatest minds, in their field of expertise, have drawn inspiration from this neighborhood. Alexander Graham Bell, Tennessee Williams, and Robert Frost are some of the more celebrated names that called Coconut Grove home.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but the most widely remembered is always music. The Grove has been pumping brilliant musicians into the music business for years. Some of this neighborhood’s past residents included Jimmy Buffet, Jose Feliciano, Joni Mitchell, Fred Neil, David Crosby, and The Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

It’s easy to understand why Miami annexed this small town almost 90 years ago. The tax revenue that Miami collects annually from this once incorporated city adds a large chunk of money to their budget. Many of the historians and neighborhood preservation groups still speak badly about the acquisition of The Grove.

Apparently, according to records of the event; a vote to annex the village was ordered at a time when most of the residents were not there to attend and no formal announcement was made stating that there would be such a vote.

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